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Credit Risk Management

Leading Independent Loan Review Firm In The Northeast

About Us

About Us

Regular and recurring evaluations of asset quality, internal controls and administrative procedures are fundamental to effective risk management.

Chaston Associates provides regular and recurring evaluations of asset quality, internal controls, and administrative procedures to financial institutions reporting total assets ranging from $50 million to more than $5 billion. Chaston has serviced over 200 institutions in its over 35 years in business. From banks to credit unions to finance companies, Chaston tailors its strategic loan review to deliver an independent assessment of credit quality. Chaston also provides client support via Loan Policy Development, Loan Loss Methodology, and Due Diligence Analysis. Chaston believes in working with clients to ensure successful, long lasting relationships.


Chaston’s dedicated team comprises individuals with experience in the disciplines of lending, mortgage banking, credit administration, workout, asset valuation, regulatory, compliance and audit, control systems implementation, and risk management. James Chaston, founder and CEO of Chaston Associates, is a CPA and former National Bank Examiner.


The quality of Chaston’s analysis and the expertise of the company’s staff is recognized by Federal and State bank regulatory agencies, as well as many of the independent public accounting firms.

Our Services

Please read on to learn more about the services provided by Chaston Associates, Inc.

Commercial Loan Review

It is essential that financial institutions understand the quality of their portfolio and identify potentially troubled loan relationships as early as possible. Regular and recurring evaluations of asset quality, internal controls, and administrative procedures are fundamental to effective credit risk management. Chaston provides independent commercial loan review to its clients, operating within engagements specifically tailored to the needs of the institution. Our credit risk assessment process is focused on commercial, commercial real estate, construction and development, indirect, and retail portfolios.

As institutions transition to electronic credit files, Chaston provides clients with helpful tips and assessments of its new system. Many institutions have elected to complete the review of their portfolio remotely. Chaston employs a secure file server on which it can temporarily house sensitive data at the request and per the specifications of the client to facilitate a full service loan review offsite. This process allows Chaston to provide services to clients that may be outside of its normal geographic scope.

Remote Loan Review &
Electronic File Transitioning

Due Diligence

Chaston regularly provides due diligence analysis for financial institutions contemplating portfolio purchases, bank acquisitions and mergers. Often working on short notice, Chaston has provided its clients with timely, concise and insightful assessments of management, asset quality, and potential exposure. Depending upon the needs of the prospective transaction, our independent findings can be drafted in a written report, presented to executive management or the directorate in a manner that facilitates quick but well informed decisions.




Chaston’s team of credit professionals leads the industry in expertise. Chaston’s consultants have experience in various types of lending and financial analysis. The team spans generations, offering new and valuable insights. Chaston’s analysts offer consistency, providing reliability and familiarity with client portfolios, so that return visits yield greater insights as analysts continue to build their relationship with the lending, credit, and management team, as well as with the credits themselves.

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